Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 1

Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 1

It’s a 7-Day program by the Sexy Chef called the Eat Clean Detox program . It’s basically designed to clean out your body as you shed off some pounds. I only need to lose a bit of weight and figured this will be a healthy way of doing so. It’s a bit pricey but it’s a good investment as I need to maintain looking a certain way for my work! I’m about to do a print ad for Bear Brand and I’m definitely heavier now than when we did the TVC. So hopefully after this, it’ll be a bit easier for me to get back in shape for the shoot. Plus, I’m going to my bestfriend’s wedding next month!

And so Day 1 begins! Sexy Chef delivers all the food for the next day so I got all my goodies yesterday. They came in this lunch bag. It’s got two ice packs to ensure food freshness!

Breakfasts come with lemon water, to be heated up and consumed on an empty stomach. Gotta say those pancakes are pretty awesome!

Snacks in between lunch and dinner:
Snack 1 for this program is always a juice from Juju cleanse. Atomic carrot is the flavor for today, which tastes good. The Boursin cheese dip for snack 2 is also good, and even my roommate says so. She used the leftover for her toasted bread. Hehe 😉

I am so glad to have Japanese food on today’s menu! I can eat sushi any day and gotta say, vegetarian sushi ain’t so bad. I think anything with Nori just has to taste good. Haha! The miso soup seriously made me say, “Mmm!” 🙂

The salad is okay. Only because I don’t really eat a lot of greens. Hehe! The chili, Mmm!!! Really good!!!

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I find every single food on today’s menu absolutely good. It’s great to eat and not feel like I’m on a diet. It’s so convenient as well to have food delivered and not worry about having to cook or count calories or figure out portion sizes.

My food for tomorrow is here and can’t wait to eat them all! Haha! 🙂

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