Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 2

Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 2

It was hard getting out of bed today because of the weather. The coolness just made me want to sleep in! However, the thought of good food waiting for me just had to do the trick! 😉 So here’s how Day 2 went! 🙂

As seen in my Day 1 entry, Sexy Chef, yesterday, delivered all my meals for today. As expected, they came in fresh in neatly labeled containers. They also came in with the menu for today.




Of course, the day started with the usual warm lemon water. This time, though, I put in 2 packets of stevia powder and liked the sweeter taste it gave. The Malunggay Asian Rice? I would’ve never thought Malunggay and fried rice could co-exist. To my surprise, they went perfectly well together! It was delish! 😉


Again, a Juju Cleanse juice is provided as Snack no. 1. Today’s flavor was Alkazest and I liked it better than Atomic Carrot. I loved the citrusy flavor it gave. The Rawlicious Mango Trifle for Snack no. 2 was soooo goood! Its sweetness was just right and it was quite filling too! The texture was perfect as well! I would eat anything with ripe mangoes! 🙂


This lunch really made my tummy happy. Enough said! 😁


I’d have to admit that right when I read “Pad Thai” on that menu, I got quite giddy. C’mon, Pad Thai on a detox diet?! I would normally order this with shrimp at a restaurant but of course, I had to remind myself I was on a diet😁. I wasn’t into the gingery taste it had at first but overall, it was some pretty good Pad Thai. It did not disappoint at all!

I would’ve wanted to post a sneak peek of my food for tomorrow. Unfortunately, however, because of the heavy downpour all day, The Sexy Chef sent an email and this text message:

I’m praying to get the delivery tomorrow but if not, I’d have to follow the meal suggestions they sent via email. I’d have to say though that that’s pretty good service! Thank you, Sexy Chef!

You’ll find out tomorrow how this food delivery situation pans out 🙂 For now, I’d like to say I had quite a delicious day at home with my good food and DVD’s, and am grateful I got to stay warm and dry! 🙂

Good night and stay safe everyone! 🙂

**To see Day 1, click HERE 🙂

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