Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 5

Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 5

Ahhh Day 5 flew by quickly! It’s been great eating healthy the last few days and I have been good with saying “No” to people trying to offer junk food just to entice me on purpose. Haha!! So here’s a peek of how this fifth day went with The Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program.


So… Instead of chicken I got tofu and Malunggay bits with my Arroz Caldo! YUM!!! Malunggay is high in Calcium, which prevents the storage of fat. Tofu, while high in Calcium, is also high in Vitamin D, which increases Calcium absorption! 🙂 The great thing about these two is they’re also rich in protein, so even in the absence of meat, a balanced nutrition is still achieved. 🙂


I got Atomic Carrot again for my Juju dose of the day. I had my first taste of it on Day 1 of this program. I pretty much downed that bottle pretty fast coz it was good. Haha! It’s refreshing too! 🙂 The Cashew Cheese Dip was yummy as well. Cashews are high in Omega 3, which helps reduce inflammation, slow down digestion, and fight heart disease. 👍


I absolutely love Vietnamese spring rolls and so I was glad today’s menu had it! The sauce was great and the tanginess was just right 🙂 I also like Zucchinis, and can eat anything that has it, so i totally enjoyed the soup! Perfect lunch for a perfect day 🙂

Today’s dinner was special because I got to bring it over to my lovely married couple friends’ home, Job and Its. I finally got to visit their place. Sadly, Job couldn’t prepare his famous “welcome home shake” because of my diet. Haha! Next time! Haha! BUT, he heated up my food! Thanks, Job! 🙂 This meal made me panic a bit earlier, though! I was getting worried it would get spoiled coz it was already out of the refrigerator for a while. Good thing it was still fresh upon arriving at Job and Its’! 🙂

Loved the pasta 🙂 Sunflower seeds, like Cashews, are also high in Omega 3 🙂

So that was Day 5! Whew! 2 more days! But for now I leave you with these photos from tonight 🙂

That’s Job heating up my food while texting (haha!! :D), and down here is Job’s very pregnant wife Its, with our friend Aissa and myself 🙂


Good night everyone! 🙂

**The nutritional information on this post were taken from 🙂

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