Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 7

Sexy Chef’s Eat Clean Detox Program Day 7

Day 7!!! Whew! It’s been a great week and just when I thought I didn’t really lose weight, I measured my waistline today and actually lost almost an inch. Hehehe! Hey that’s some result for a week’s worth of healthy eating! I do intend to keep eating well. Hehe 🙂 here’s how it went!


The Avgolemono soup is a Greek type of porridge. It seemed like I was eating a different kind of Arrozcaldo, probably coz of the ginger. Hehehe 😉 it was yummy! 😀


My lunch today was colorful! I loved it! Haha! I loved the sesame dressing on the salad and the mushroom burger was goood! 😉

Snacks and Dinner:
Ok, pardon me as I kinda messed up with putting the photos together. If you’ve read/seen the previous blogs on this program, I would usually group the snacks in one photo. Today I got confused and put snack 2 as part of dinner. Haha! Here are the photos! 🙂


The QCumber Juju juice is a repeat flavor from Day 3, and it was a refreshing drink for a sunny day 🙂 The taro chips were a hit!! LOVED them!!! Just looking at the photos right now makes me want to have them again. Haha! The salad. Oh the salad! It was really good. I didn’t know rice could be made into a salad. Haha! It was delicious! 🙂

Haayy… Just like that, a week flew by! Thanks to The Sexy Chef for the awesome meals. You guys should really try out their food! I already ordered from their ala carte menu for my lunch and dinner tomorrow. Hehehe 🙂 They cater, too! 😀

Thanks for taking time to check out my attempt to document this 7-Day Detox program 🙂 Good night, guys! 😉

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