Don’t be a jerk, and read on :)

Don’t be a jerk, and read on :)

*Photo taken from Act Like a Man

I had the privilege of writing the 4th installment to Act Like a Man’s “What Women Want Men to Know” series πŸ™‚ Please CLICK HERE to read the full article πŸ™‚

Thank you, Pastor Dennis for the wonderful opportunity πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Don’t be a jerk, and read on :)

  1. Hi, I am a guy who came across this post via a shared link on Facebook, and I must admit — this article has spoken very much to me. Thank you very much for writing this, and I really praise God for leading me to this post.

    I have one question to ask, however. What if I’ve already told her a couple of years ago that I like her (I still do, and she knows, but I’m unsure of how she feels about it)? How should I — or maybe, we — deal with emotional purity if we’re not yet ready to be in a relationship?

    1. Hello! First, I am thankful it spoke to you! Like I said, if you’re not ready then stop there. Just be a genuine friend. Treat her as you would any other girl and be consistent. Some practical advice would be talking/texting with her only when needed, don’t spend time with her alone, when in a group, don’t single her out and isolate yourselves, etc. Don’t emotionally date her! Take a step back and when it gets hard for you two, it will, know that the Lord will honor your obedience if He has revealed to you you’re not ready. Just surrender it to Him fully! I HIGHLY ADVICE getting accountability from people at church who can mentor you and keep you in check! Have someone who can speak to your life even when it hurts, so you hear what you need to hear… Hope that helps! This can help, too: Put it back on the shelf, will you?

      1. Thank you very much! It’s really hard to stop now that I’m this point, but by God’s grace, I will be able to. It’s high time that I surrender it to HIm fully. Thanks for being used by God to speak to me and open my eyes, God bless!

  2. hey sonjia, i put your blog link in my (re)post hehe =)
    i hope more men will be able to read this that’s why i shared it in my blog. and i hope the man who God is preparing for me (and preparing me for) will be able to read this as well.
    i also read your put it back on the shelf entry =)

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