Let the expert take over

Let the expert take over

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day trying to fix our bathroom light. No kidding. I changed the bulb several times, and even tookimages a trip to the hardware store twice. After trying to figure out what was wrong to no success, I finally decided to call the maintenance department of our building to send someone up. He took a look and told me it wasn’t the bulb that was the problem, but the actual receptacle that held the bulb. The worse thing was, coz of all the “do it yourself” handiwork I did, I did more damage to the already broken receptacle! It took him 2 minutes to figure out what I was trying to figure out all day, and since I’ve no idea how to fix it, I had to let him do it. I simply had to do what he asked of me— buy the needed supplies, and let him do the work. He changed it in about 15 minutes

A lot of times, we act as if we’re experts. We try to fix things in our lives with our own genius ideas, and end up doing more damage than good. We think that by changing what we can see, we can have better lives. Yes we try, but we fail miserably– always! Because the real issue isn’t our set of friends, the job we have, the person we’re dating, the things we don’t have, and the list goes on. The real problem is our hearts, and the only One who can deal with the problem is God! We have to undergo heart surgery and let Him take away the deadly deposits that take residence in our hearts. The longer we try to fix things we can’t, the more damage we’ll make, and the more painful and longer the process will take. What took me all day to damage what was already broken, took the electrician a total of 17 minutes to fix! After all my frustration, the solution was simply to let the expert take over.So don’t prolong this process; let God step in and take over! He isn’t just an expert at fixing things; He’s an expert at making things new!

What are you trying to fix that only end up with more problems? May I urge you to simply let the Expert take over? 🙂

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it” Jeremiah 17:9 (ESV)

4 thoughts on “Let the expert take over

  1. as much as possible, i try to fix things with my own for i don’t want to burden someone else’, but when i know that i can’t make it alone i’ll always run to HIM..trully “He isn’t just an expert at fixing things; He’s an expert at making things new!”

  2. We are always at peace and rested when we let the Expert take over…His interventions are most of the time amazing!

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