From Afar

From Afar

I recently came across a web show called, “Tales from the Friendzone” by Ramon Bautista. From the title of the show, I think you’d probably get what it’s about. Haha! Les Miserables also just came out in theaters, and I’m sure everyone, if not most, is familiar with Eponine and her “friendzone” status with Marius. hehehe ;p Made me think, what would it be like for someone who has been “friendzoned” and is now afraid to fall in love again? For some reason, the words “from afar” kept popping in my head. I then explored something I haven’t done in years: write a poem. hehe! Subok lang!

From afar I look at you.

From afar I hope.

From afar “what may become” turns to “what is.”

From afar you profess your love.

From afar you care.

From afar our worlds unite.

From afar what’s vague becomes clear.

When you’re near everything changes.

When you’re near nothing is real.

The nearness embitters the bliss.

The nearness shatters my “what is.”

I’d love to stay close but the nearness kills me.

So spare me the pain and let me be.

Preserve my vision and let me look from afar.

Let me put back the pieces as I hope from afar.

Be my “what is,” if only from afar.

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