#FidelSonjiaForever: The Onsite Video

#FidelSonjiaForever: The Onsite Video

It’s been a fun three months being married to the love of my life. As we celebrate our first 90 days of being husband and wife, I would love to share with you our onsite or same day edit video.

Photos by Mango Red. Click photo to enlarge.

I’ve always loved Mayad Studios. Never, however, did I think I would actually book them for my own wedding! I do remember praying to God, saying, “Lord, it would be a dream come true if you would give us Mayad.” Long story short, God provided in different creative ways, and we could only be grateful! I became a fan of how beautifully they visually told stories. A lot of videographers, in my opinion, are so good technically but they fail to capture the heart of a celebration. Mayad is a perfect marriage of both skills and heart; they are wonderful storytellers.

I hope to write more about our personal wedding planning journey, and how our dear family and friends helped us pull our special day off. For now, please enjoy this video directed by Raphael “Fiel” Pranga. Aerial shots provided by Jake Soriano. God bless you!

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