Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan Arcade

I have heard so much about Dapitan Arcade and how people find wonderful bargains on home decor there. This is why when my husband and I decided to move to a bare apartment (We were living in a 1 bedroom condo that was fully furnished,but we decided to move to this new place that was both cheaper and bigger), I knew it was worth exploring, in the hopes of scoring pieces for our new rental home.Dapitan Arcade is located along Dapitan street corner Kanlaon street in Quezon City. If you’re on EDSA, make a turn to Quezon Avenue, Right on Cordillera, and then left on Dapitan. You will find a few parking slots right in front of Dapitan Arcade, and if you’re lucky, along the streets around the area.

The place is actually small, I was able to drop by each stall in about half an hour for my first round. It usually takes me a while to decide on what to buy so I go around a few stores several times before finally making a purchase.

From wall decors to flatware and dinnerware, to fake topiaries and flowers, to Tiffany chairs, one can enjoy the variety that Dapitan Arcade offers. Stalls outside, along Kanlaon street, sell furniture and other decors as well. However, since it was raining hard when I came, I could only explore the stalls inside. This is the reason why I only have photos from inside. But I shall definitely be back! In the meantime, here are the few photos I managed to take. 🙂

I love this vase but for Php550, I figured I could still find a cheaper version of this !
Tumblers, vintage tin plates, lamps and more in one store 😁
Oh these nautical pieces! 😍
My mother already told me to come back and buy her a wall clock from this store. P380 and you can still haggle!
Christmas decor already being sold in July.
I’d probably come back for these. Price ranges from Php200-500 depending on the size of the jar.
More of them cute wall clocks.

I haven’t unpacked my purchases but I bought a few ceramic dinnerware, a couple of picture frames, a “K” wooden monogram, and a teapot, which I intend to use as a vase. If you have Php1,000 to spend, it will come a long way there!

If you’ve been to Dapitan Arcade, I’d love to know how your experience was, and feel free to comment on what else to find there! 

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