From the Baul: The Student Nurse Life

Just the other day, I saw these again on my timeline, thanks to Memories by Facebook, and Timehop!

“Definitive Observation Unit, Day 1 of 2” This was the unit where I worked as a Registered Nurse on night shift.

Yup, it’s crazy to think that it’s already a longer time that I have not practiced Nursing than the time I actually worked in the hospital. When I started as a new grad in 2007, there was no way I could imagine actually quitting my job and coming back to Manila to pursue something totally different! My life truly changed, and posts on this blog site really come from that life changing move. But since it’s a Thursday, allow me to give you a throwback post! Here are a few snaps from my life as a student nurse 🙂 Four semesters of studying hard at 24hr internet cafes hahaha! Will share life as a Registered Nurse next time. Meanwhile, I hope these entertain you even for a bit 🙂 God bless you!

Nursing School

Acapulco, after our 2nd sem
After every semester’s final exams, my classmates and I would eat out and celebrate. This was after our 2nd semester of Nursing School 🙂
Panicking with our “patient” at the nursing lab 🙂


Our class. Dec
December 2006 🙂
Pinning Ceremony
My mother donning my nursing pin during our Graduation/Pinning Ceremony

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