Calling, Maybe?

Calling, Maybe?

I don’t have it all figured out. To be honest, when people ask me what I do, I often pause and think how to respond. I usually end up saying, “a bunch of different things,” followed by laughter or an awkward smile, depending on who I talk to. 😁 When they ask for specifics, I’m left with the following answers: I’m a pastor’s wife, an actress for TV commercials and sometimes in movies and TV series (No, I am NOT a celebrity). I also do voice over work for radio and TV ads, host events, and on Sundays I volunteer as a DJ for a Christian radio station. I also mentor young women about life, and their walk with God. There are days I teach at our church’s retreats, too.

Path of Life Sculpture Garden Would you then be surprised if I say I often ask God what my calling really is?! I know what my universal calling is, don’t get me wrong. I am to honor God in EVERYTHING I do (that includes doing our laundry, and eating sushi 😂, no, seriously!) I’m not talking about identity here. If I base my identity on what I do, I’d go crazy. I’m at peace with the many things I do but I often wonder what a certain expertise, for a lack of a better word, God will give me one day.

This post is to really encourage you that it’s ok to be on a journey! What is crucial, however, is that you remain FAITHFUL! I had a wonderful conversation with my good friend Carla the other day about calling. She told me something I was so encouraged with that it warranted this post! Haha! She said, “Sonjia, you have a story that ONLY YOU can TELL. The reason you probably don’t know that specific thing you are to do yet is that God is still writing that unique story. And you know what, your unique stories will only continue to unfold as you transition into the different seasons of your life.” ❤️

My merienda date with Carla 🙂

Did your heart just flutter? Mine did. I went home more inspired to do this adventure with God. So if you’re on a journey, like me, let’s do this together! Let’s remain faithful! Let us be hopeful for the calling that God is eager to reveal to us. In the meantime, let us be excellent stewards of our todays, and be excited for our tomorrows.

“Sometimes callings from God unfold in an instant. But more often they happen within a million slow moments of revelation & maturation.” – Lysa TerKeurst

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