Matters of Engagement

Matters of Engagement

Photo by Elaine Ojeda-Subido

Fidel looks at me with a smile on his face as he playfully holds three of his fingers up. I stare at him with confusion, until he finally blurts out, “Three months to go before we get married!” We both briefly laugh, and sigh in joyful anticipation. It has been quite a season for the two of us, that’s filled with invaluable lessons. What we build together at this time will be carried on to our marriage. Here are a few things we’ve learned, so far, that matter not only now, but in every season of our lives.


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“I’m confused.”

“I’m confused.”

Recently, I have received a few messages asking similar questions, so I have decided to write this in the hopes of answering them all at once 🙂 ha! The questions have  looked like these:

What if you don’t assume but you meet this guy na kahit wala namang ginagawa e… I don’t know…

I really like him, and we’ve been great friends but just recently I’ve noticed a change in the way he treats me. We used to spend a lot of time together but now, even in the presence of our friends, he rarely speaks to me or notices me… What’s up with that? Should I subtly encourage him to pursue me or should I just let it go? He has all the qualities I’ve been praying for… We are both students.

He is my friend, and he treats me in a ‘special’ way, and even talks to me in a ‘special’ way…  I think I may be ‘falling’ for him, but I don’t know…

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