Stranger Things, and Why I’m Not Famous

Stranger Things, and Why I’m Not Famous

I started watching Stranger Things just last week (I know, what’s wrong with me and where have I been, right?!), and immediately fell in love with Eleven! I mean, how couldn’t I? Millie Bobby Brown is absolutely talented, and beautiful. The fan in me quickly googled her and learned that her parents enrolled her in an acting class 5 years ago just so she could do something on Saturdays. Her teacher noticed her natural acting chops and encouraged her parents to let her go all out with her acting career. They flew out to Los Angeles, CA and Millie was being offered representation by top talent agencies right away. She also landed her first acting job months after flying to LA. Now, we all know her as Eleven. Whew! Amazing, right?! From simply wanting to pass time to accidentally discovering her acting talents to being the star she is today. She’s only 12, people!

Screen grab from Netflix’s Stranger Things

Why do I bring this up? You see, growing up, all I ever wanted was to be a successful actress. Unlike Millie (first name basis, we’re close like that haha!), I started to have a desire for acting at age three. Her story is a fairytale come true for every person who’s ever wanted to “make it” as an actor, especially in Hollywood. Well, if not, then at least for someone like me. As reality would have it, I am here writing this as a 30 year old happily married woman, sometimes acting on television and film, and nowhere near A-list celebrity status. Why?! I did everything including leaving everything in LA–my family, my job, acting classes, my car, and all the comfort home had to offer. I found myself doing long commutes here just to get to auditions, and learning how to take public transportation to and from taping locations, while carrying a luggage of clothes for the shoot. Now, I hardly even get to do those. The main purpose of me coming here has become something I just do for the love of, and is not the main agenda of my life anymore. Why? God has other plans, that’s basically it.

Because life is not about my dreams coming true but me being Christ-like, God had to do necessary heart adjustments. He also had to do that in a place that wasn’t comfortable–Manila, away from my family, and things I grew accustomed to for eight years. ALL THAT for my heart to be right haha! Then of course, so many things happened in the years that I’ve been here, and a lot has changed in me as well. Being a famous actress simply wasn’t part of the plan, but God used those dreams to take me to a more important place, which is the center of His will for my life. Had I tried to do things my way, I would miss out on all the things God wanted to give me and enjoy. Yes, it’s great to dream, and we should. However, I think that we need to always be open and sensitive where God is leading us. He may allow dreams to die, but only those that aren’t aligned to His heart for us. Sometimes, He may resurrect old dreams, or totally give us new ones. Whatever it may be, the important thing is to remain in the vine and be faithful in every step of the journey. He doesn’t require us to be successful, but to be faithful. Trust me, trusting God may not be easy at times, but it’s certainly the best decision you can ever make! After all, He holds everything together!

 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. -Colossians 1:17

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