FidelSonjiaForever: Our Wedding Suppliers

FidelSonjiaForever: Our Wedding Suppliers

_r0a3547One of my favorite things to do every beginning of the year, since getting married, is to look back on our wedding day. Fidel and I got married on January 4, 2015, and February is, of course, the love month. So these first two months of the year, I love looking at our wedding photos, and even our wedding videos. It makes me feel like a new bride all over again. Haha! Also, though I am not a big planner of events, I enjoyed planning this wedding. I guess, every bride feels this way, right?! Hahaha! Down below are our first five suppliers that we booked to make sure our wedding was right on track!

Photography: MangoRED
Videography: Mayad Studios
This was my personal top priority. Someone asked me if I really look at photos and watch videos from our big day even after the wedding. As you may now already know, YES. So this was our biggest investment. To be honest, we really couldn’t on our own afford this team but somehow, God opened doors we couldn’t possibly open! Right after engagement, I asked God, “Lord, if this is also something You want for us, please provide.” Obviously, God wanted it for us as much as we did. What a sweet Dad! MangoRED and Mayad Studios’ availability actually decided our wedding date for us.

Light of Love Events Place

I wanted somewhere in Metro Manila as I found it such a hassle for us, and our guests to have to travel out of town. Even 2 hours away was a drag. I also wanted a garden setting but didn’t want to step on soil as I wanted to wear heels. haha! Such a blessing to find Light of Love. It’s in Quezon City; it used to be a mansion, and the owners decided to turn it into an events place. They turned their old pool area into a nice venue for a ceremony that we had envisioned. Their garden is also available, should you wish to book this area. Their old formal dining room also had this beautiful chandelier that hung on a clear glass ceiling. So romantic! After getting married, I remembered that there was a time I told my mom I wanted to get married at someone’s backyard. That was basically what happened! Imagine, a detail I forgot, God totally put in place. 🙂


K by Cunanan Catering

What I love about K by Cunanan Catering is that not only do they have delicious food (every guest commented on how yummy our food was), but they also have elegant styling along with their catering packages! One of the things we wanted was that our wedding be simple, elegant, but not too pricey of course! Their packages are very reasonable and they also offer styling for your ceremony, too!

Bridal Gown
Edward Teng

This, again, was such a favor from God. I knew I wanted a simple, classic, timeless dress but also didn’t want to spend too much on it. By God’s grace and favor, we were able to purchase a custom made piece by Mr. Edward Teng, who was so generous of his time and talents. My dress came with bridal accessories. As for my headpiece, it was designed by a friend who pretty much gave it to me for free (Thanks Ate Ces!). For the reception, to be more comfortable in moving around, I changed into another dress after our first dance. A designer, who wanted to be anonymous, lent one of his pieces out to me. Oh what a blessing!

Hair and Make-Up
Joan Castro  of The Makeup Secrets School

Thank God for bridal fairs! We were able to get a VERY good deal for my make-up (of course Fidel didn’t need it. hehehe). I actually met Joan during the year I did theater as she was one of our make-up artists. As of this writing, two of my friends have booked with her for their own weddings because of what she did to my face on our day. Hehe! Joan and the team were quick, so it worked well with our timeline.

Honestly, the only non-negotiable thing for me was marrying Fidel. Haha! Next to that was a great documentation team, the rest I could compromise with. Our loving Father was just so generous to us. To those about to get married, remember, more than the wedding, invest in your marriage first! Get counseling, seek mentors to help you better prepare for life after the wedding. This wedding may be important to you, but all the more important to God. He will truly work things out for you. Money shouldn’t be the issue why you don’t get married. Provision will always follow the purpose. Having said that, choose your future spouse prayerfully, and wisely! Compromise with wedding details, don’t compromise for a spouse. Once you’re sure about a person, step out in faith, and prepare to be amazed at how God will pay for your wedding. ❤

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  1. Awww Sonj! My tears. Thank you for the reminder of investing in marriage first. Thank you for this article.

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